Team Player or Solo Artist?

I am most definitely a joiner. I enjoy connecting with people who enjoy the same things that I do – reading, all forms of fiber arts, travel and food. In college I joined the Public Relations Society of America, after college I joined a Cooking Light Supper Club, book clubs. In more recent years I… Continue reading Team Player or Solo Artist?

Procastination and Misletoe

Dearest reader, so sorry for the disappearing act but I am back to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Have your holidays been as busy as mine? I feel like the time just flew by and before I knew it December had arrived. Admittedly, I haven’t procrastinated on just… Continue reading Procastination and Misletoe

Sew Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving Team Stitching Coach! Thank you for being a follower, student and general supporter of my endeavors as The Stitching Coach. I couldn’t do any of this without you. I’m also very thankful for all the librarians out there who have encouraged and given me the opportunity to share my love of fiber arts… Continue reading Sew Thankful

Happy Handmade Halloween

I love Halloween! Hands down it is my favorite holiday. Costumes, handing out sweets to friends I haven’t met yet, scary movies and Autumn breezes cannot be beat. But dressing up has to be my favorite part. I remember my favorite costumes growing up – a space alien with green face paint and wearing the… Continue reading Happy Handmade Halloween

Listen to This – Make That

I adore audiobooks. They kept me sane during my long Atlanta, and later Washington, DC, commutes. They were my traveling companions on long solo road trips. And they continue to allow me to combine my two favorite pastimes – reading and crafting. What I love most is when a book includes one of my hobbies.… Continue reading Listen to This – Make That

Perks of Being a Stitchin’ Librarian

Being a librarian has its perks. One of those perks is that I get to see nearly finalized copies of books before they are published called a “galley” that librarians, booksellers, journalists and other influencers use to review and share with potential readers. Sometimes those books are sent to me as a tangible copy but,… Continue reading Perks of Being a Stitchin’ Librarian

Happy New (School) Year!

Many of my private students already have begun a new school year. My first day back is today and I joined my co-educators in a retreat to get ready for the new year. It will be great to see students later this week for orientation. Did you sew any back-to-school items for the littles in… Continue reading Happy New (School) Year!

When Quilting Gives You Scraps, Make Two Quilts

I advise a sewing club at the high school where I serve as the librarian. We get lots of donations from grandparents who are downsizing or people who just don’t have time for crafting. Shocking, I know. Every school year, I like to have a charity project I can work on with my students. So… Continue reading When Quilting Gives You Scraps, Make Two Quilts

UFOs in your craft room?

How many UFO sightings have you had in your craft space? Not little green aliens, but those UnFinished Objects you have tucked in drawers, stuffed in project bags and hidden under the guest bed. I refuse to be embarrassed by my numbers because, as I tell my students, grace over guilt. Life happens, am I… Continue reading UFOs in your craft room?

Fairest of the Faire

I love county fairs! More than the eccentric clog-an-artery foods and competitive animal demonstrations, my favorite part of fairs is the fiber arts competitions. Perfectly pieced patchwork quilts, granny square afghans and embroidered items that take your breath away. This week I downloaded my application form and it got me thinking, have you entered your… Continue reading Fairest of the Faire

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