Team Player or Solo Artist?

I am most definitely a joiner. I enjoy connecting with people who enjoy the same things that I do – reading, all forms of fiber arts, travel and food.

In college I joined the Public Relations Society of America, after college I joined a Cooking Light Supper Club, book clubs. In more recent years I revived the Knit Wits knitting club at my local library, joined charity organizations like Days For Girls, became a member of groups like American Quilter’s Society and the non-profit educational organization The Knitting Guild Association.

My “something new” this month is attending my first TKGA virtual guild meeting, meeting with a TKGA member in my area to discuss creating a Connecticut TKGA guild and knitting class samples.

Are you a member of a guild? What made you join and what motivates you to attend meetings? What prevents you from attending guild meetings?

What do I get out of joining groups? Most importantly for me is knowledge. There is so much out there to learn and I love adding a new tips to my playbook (more on that next week). But a close second is camaraderie. Having others, dare I say teammates, who like the same things improves your mental and physical health. My team is there when I celebrate successes and lifts me up when I feel overwhelmed or challenged.

Membership and non-profit organizations can also add value through magazines, classes and other activities that add to your playbook. Are you a joiner too, if so what “team” are you on?

This week I’ll continue to write lesson plans, which is something very new to me, and knit another sample for my TKGA teacher certification.

Before enrolling in the TKGA teacher certification, I never wrote down official lesson plans. But I’m really glad this program is challenging me to do this. Things are no longer jumbled in my head and I can pitch classes to locations in a more professional manner. I can pace the class better as well to make sure students feel more successful and see results sooner.

Here are my next two projects to work on, help me decide which one to knit first:

Make sure to cast your vote in the comments and maybe knit along with me this month.

Happy stitching,
Coach Dawn

January week 1 – Something old, Tall Trim the Tree paper-pieced wall hanging, Dec. 31.
January week 2 – Something new, TKGA meeting and knitting, Jan. 12.
January week 3 – Something borrowed, Sewing & quilting tips, Jan. 19.
January week 4 – Something to review, Knitting book TBD, Jan. 26.

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High school librarian by day, crafter for life. I'm an award winning embroider, quilter and knitter. I advise a high school sewing club as well as volunteer with Days for Girls. Students will find I'm passionate about all needle arts and want to pass that along to all generations and skill levels. Learning to sew, knit or hand embroider can be intimidating, but with the right support can become a lifelong hobby that provides joy to your life. Let me show you how to get started. I look forward to helping you exercise your creative side.

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